Nabil Elouahabi (Shahab), Indira Joshi (Khalida) and Kriss Dosanjh (Billa),  Balti Kings , 1999

Nabil Elouahabi (Shahab), Indira Joshi (Khalida) and Kriss Dosanjh (Billa), Balti Kings, 1999

Original Poster

Original Poster

Balti Kings (1999)

By Sudha Bhuchar & Shaheen Khan

In Birmingham’s Balti Land, where Indian restaurants ruthlessly compete for custom, curry wars rage with price slashing and chef poaching.

Restaurateur Yahsin Anwar is on the verge of being swallowed up by the mighty Karachi Karahi.  To ward off this threat, his family plan a grand re-opening where you can pile your plate for under a fiver and ‘curryoke’ into the night.   But the temperature in the kitchen soon rises, as the chef is faced with the challenge of producing 35 dishes in five hours, hampered by staff whose personal affairs are also hotting up…

Balti Kings is a comical slice of contemporary British Asian life centred around the businessmen of the Midlands who have built their fortunes on the back of Britain’s most popular food.  Sue Mayes' set for the show even featured a real working kitchen, ensuring that the actors not only had to remember their lines but cook as well.  The play was also the inspiration for Tamasha’s first short film Midnight Feast.


“The writing is excellent, sharply observant about the lives of the luckless wage-slaves in the kitchen. The acting has a superb understated naturalism…the smells of the Indian cooking as winningly authentic as the humanity of the characterisation.” 
Daily Telegraph


Director  Kristine Landon-Smith
Designer  Sue Mayes
Lighting Designer  Chris Davey
Composer  Barrie Bignold
Sound Engineer  Mike Furness
Original Cast  Shammi Aulakh, Ameet Chana, Kriss Dosanjh, Nabil Elouahabi, Indira Joshi, Nizwar Karanj, Mirko Sekulic, Zelda Tinska, Anthony Zaki