Midnight Feast


Tamasha's first short film, inspired by the research which the company undertook during the making of Balti Kings, takes a glimpse into the unseen world inside a Birmingham balti house.

As they finish yet another long shift in the kitchen, six workers discuss their aspirations and failed dreams, while the boss upstairs counts his takings. 

Midnight Feast was first screened at the Raindance Film Festival in 2005, and also the Tongues on Fire festival in 2007.



Producer  Jamie Greco
Director  Kristine Landon-Smith
Director of Photography  
Gary Clarke
Original Score  Felix Cross
Art Director  Sue Mayes
Screenplay  Sudha Bhuchar & Shaheen Khan
Cast  Ameet Chana, Shiv Grewal, Kaleem Janjua, Surendra Kochar,
Simon Nagra, Mirko Sekulic, Zelda Tinska