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My writing commissions outside Tamasha allowed me to explore unexpected areas and collaborations. Small Fish Big Cheese is my second play for children and families. In 2011 a rumour was circulating among school children that the world was going to end in 2012. My sons would discuss this and how if that happened they would have spent all their life at school. This central concern formed the basis of my enquiry when I was paired with the Year 6 class at Shapla Primary in Tower Hamlets as part of Unicorn Theatre's exciting Class Acts initiative. This allowed playwrights to get to know a class of 10 year olds and write a bespoke 'world premiere' for them to perform. Small fish big cheese went on to have a future life with Peshkar as part of their Futuredesh project in 2012.

Come to where I'm from was commissioned by Tamasha and Paines plough as part of an exciting library of monologues written and performed by playwrights; looking at their relationship with their home towns. Since I arrived in London through a scenic route encompassing East Africa, India and Norfolk; my monologue reflects how I came to set down roots in Wimbledon and my complex relationship with 'belonging'. You can listen to the recording here and dip into the vast library through the app created by Paines Plough.

I am currently under commission to BBC radio four in a collaboration with Saleyha Ahsan.

Small Fish Big Cheese

Come To Where I'm From