My Name is...

By Sudha Bhuchar
Directed by Philip Osment


Returning for a 2015 tour of Scotland including a run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Sudha Bhuchar's acclaimed verbatim play reveals the story behind the story that hit headlines in 2006: one that began as a love story in 1980s Glasgow, a world away from the frantic ‘tug of love’ well-documented in the world's media.

When Gaby disappeared from her Scottish home, it was assumed that her Pakistani father Farhan, had kidnapped her and the spiralling headlines were only momentarily silenced when it emerged that Gaby may have fled of her own accord, choosing to spend her life with her father in Pakistan. To her Scottish mother Suzy’s distress, Gaby declared, “my name is Ghazala” and turned her back on ‘Gaby’ and seemingly, the West. 

The Scottish tour of My Name is... is supported by Creative Scotland.


'There is nothing hollow about the language of the brilliant My Name is... a verbatim play vividly constructed and elegrantly directed' The Skinny ****

'All credit to Sudha Bhuchar, director Philip Osment and Tamasha... this is an impressively serious contribution to a Fringe that has a tendency to be frivolous whenever the opportunity arises' British Theatre Guide ****

'One of the most striking, thought-provoking and immensely entertaining shows I've seen at Fringe yet. This is one of those rare productions I wish everyone could see: one which approaches polarising subjects with sensitivity, nuance and tact... absolutely bloody excellent.Edinburgh49 ***** 

'A moving and very well composed play... the human story of a family in crisis is palpable' Total Theatre

'humorous and entertaining... 'My Name is...' makes a powerful case for clear rather than prejudiced thinking'  Time Out ****

'absolutely gripping ... a drama of terrific integrity’  The Scotsman ****

'better than any family drama has any right to be'  Exeunt *****

'easily one of the best new plays in Scotland this year’  TV Bomb ***** 

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Creative Team

Written by Sudha Bhuchar
Director Philip Osment
Designer  Miriam Nabarro
Costume Supervisor  Fiona Parker
Composer  Arun Ghosh
Lighting Designer  Ian Scott
Dramaturgy  Lin Coghlan
TDA Associate Director (Rehearsals) 
Diyan Zora
TDA Associate Director (Tour) 
Bethan Dear


Farhan Umar Ahmed
Suzy Karen Bartke
Gaby / Ghazala  Rehanna MacDonald

Sudha Bhuchar with Louise and Molly, the real people 'My Name is...' is based on on BBC news 24 Friday 2nd May 2014

The Guardian G2 cover story > 
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in The Independent >
Sudha Bhuchar,  on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour (from 00:31) >

‘A fantastically nuanced trio of performances’  The Herald
'A sympathetic look at an affecting subject that manages to enlighten but not manipulate'  The Stage
'A deeply moving play that will drag you by the heartstrings' *****
'The play captures the light-headed joy of the original courtship. Bhuchar's even-handed, unhystericalapproach pays dividends'  The Guardian
'An important, provocative play, beautifully played'
‘Tamasha brings it off beautifully … My Name is… is a love story and a fascinating portrait of migrant attitudes and cultural, familial, religious and gender differences’  One
‘Sudha Bhuchar does a marvellous job in weaving these three voices into a conversation across continents... beautifully played'  British Theatre Guide
'Authentic and moving'  East End Review