Lyrical MC

by Sita Brahmachari
with verbatim texts from Britain’s schools


The diversity in our schools brings with it new sounds, as cultures, dialects and forms of expression mix, merge and collide.

Lyrical MC eavesdrops inside classrooms and corridors, and invites us to tune in to the lyrical ‘chat’ of Britain’s secondary school students. Sita Brahmachari’s poetic new play skilfully fuses verbatim stories, scenes and characters devised by young people, based on their own family stories.  As we are drawn into their private worlds, a revealing subtext of allegiances and rivalries soon emerges.

A co-production with Rewrite

“An amazing insight into the experiences of these kids and how they see the world”
Willem Richter, teacher

”A great way to show teenage life and what happens / can happen in a school day. It shows a glimpse of what adults don’t see!”
Max Jones, student


Director  Kristine Landon-Smith
Assistant Director  Amit Sharma
Designer  Sakina Karimjee
Lighting Designer  Prema Mehta
Sound Designer  Mike Furness
Sound Collage  Rasheed Rahman
Cast  Emmanuel Abubakar, Busola Aderemi, Sarah Akinsanmi, Andre Bromfield, Roxxanne Brown, Stefon Fenelon, Joshua Hayles, Amari Harris, Shakir Hassan, Ali Khawari, Shuang Liu, Aldo Maffei, Katrina Naumova, Nana Owusu-Agyare, Funmi Taiwo